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Useful tips for Studying

For reading-intensive classes, one should always be sure to complete the assignments as soon as possible. Putting things off never pays because, inevitably something unexpected always comes in at the last moment to create additional work. Also, the sensation one gets at the completion of a task is far more satisfying than the feeling of dread and anticipation one gets from putting things off (procrastinating.) This is particularly true of projects, which may require you to order books from the local library. Also, it is important to make sure that you complete the blog post (or whatever the assignment is) right after doing the reading. Otherwise, you may forget what you read or get it confused with something else from this or another class.

As we all know it is impossible to read every single word in every single assignment. My advice to skim the parts that contain information you already know or don’t find too difficult, but read the parts with difficult or new information thoroughly. In the case of this class, because I didn’t know much about China, I found myself thoroughly reading a lot of the information. Along similar lines, I suggest reading more closely when one is reading for a project, especially when the class is one where one will have a sequel.

Against my personal policy, I had, for the most part, to wait for the due date to complete my weekly assignments because I was busy with my medical problems and other classes. That said, I NEVER waited until the evening, which would be the absolute last minute. It’s worth mentioning that doing this in the evening would likely result in nightmares. It is my opinion that there is nothing so likely to cause nightmares as hearing about bloody rebellions, revolutions, racism, and the outright greed and ethnocentrism that drove colonialism and imperialism. I maintain that it is far better to use print sources than online sources because one can use highlighters and post-it notes on print sources. The reader would be stunned to learn how much paper and ink I’ve used this semester, admittedly spread between my classes. Don’t bother to use color-coded highlighting. That is just too much work and takes the attention away from what you’re reading.

I do have one more suggestion- stay in one position while you’re doing your homework. I’ve found that getting up to make or eat food or use the bathroom distracts me from what I’m doing and getting back into “the swing of things” takes away critical time. Best of luck to all of you with your homework!

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